The way we work

No two jobs are the same at Mark of Distinction, but we do have common threads in the way we work with clients to custom design furniture, kitchens, bathrooms or cabinetry. Whether your desired result is contemporary, classic, rustic or refined, we work with you to create results you will love for years to come.

Typically, clients contact us with an idea or concept they wish to create. Our first job is to listen and ensure we understand your vision, often visiting your home to see the context and environment the furniture will sit within. Where needed, we willingly liaise with other professionals or craftspeople who are working on your home.

Mark then utilises his more than 20 years experience to design your furniture, suggesting functional and aesthetic improvements that will benefit the look, feel and usability of your piece. An important part of the design process is to agree the final design before construction begins.

Mark carefully crafts each piece, combining the best available materials, and techniques he has refined, honed and perfected over the years. Some clients add to the significance of their pieces by providing their own timber, sourced from family landholdings or plots.

We encourage clients to visit our Collie Road workshop to see their furniture or kitchen being made. Just outside Hamilton, the tranquil setting your furniture is created in gives a hint of the design aesthetic it will possess. The trip to see your piece in progress and assist in the choice of grains, stains or finishing details becomes a memorable part of its creation.  

Once your furniture is complete, Mark personally oversees delivery and installation and takes great pride in ensuring clients are delighted with the finished product.

Many of our customers return time after time to add to their collection of Mark of Distinction furniture. We consider this the highest recommendation.